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    Database and Reports for Blood Sugar and Blood Glucose



      Database and Reports for Blood Sugar and Blood Glucose


           Hi! I am a beginner  at this so if my questions seem stupid please forgive me. I need to develop a database that I can record my Blood Sugar, blood pressure and pulse which I can then sort by when taken and calculate prior to seeing my Doctor.

           I test alternately at Wakeup, Breakfast+2, Lunch+2 and dinner+2. I then need to prepare a report averaging those specific readings for a given period, counting highs and lows within that range, and determining  my Hb1Ac on a three month average. The report would look something like this:


           Average Blood Sugar at Wakeup

           Average  at Breakfast +2

           etc, etc to include average for Systolic, Diastolic and Pulse

           Any suggestions? 



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          I am working on my own glucose tracking and dosing db.  mine will not have most of what you are looking for but i will be entering my readings and I'm trying to figure out how to make it give me an average for a week, month, and year too.  I'm not trying to tackle air, ill leave that to the doc.


          Good luck!

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            A fellow diabetic here. I've tackled this one in the past. You'll end up with a cross-tab report format which can be a pain to try to manage - many relationships are required and it gets messy after a while. I think my first one was in the .fp5 days, then .fp7. After that I moved to other tools.


            If you're going to do this in FileMaker Pro, learn how to use ExecuteSQL. eSQL can help you extract and calculate the values you need to create your report without all of the relationships. The virtual list technique for working with the data may also come in handy.


            There are a number of desktop and iOS apps out there for managing blood glucose data. Depending on what kind of equipment you're using (glucometer, insulin pump, etc.) the manufacturer may already have many of the things you need. I use a Medtronic insulin pump, a continuous glucose monitor system, and a Bayer Contour Next Link glucometer that transmits the data to the pump and calculates dosage amounts based on ratios of insulin to carbohydrates and the time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, overnight, etc.). The entire data set can be uploaded to a Medtronic website directly from the glucometer for my diabetes care team to look at. It spits out all kinds of different reports. Much more detailed and useful to my doctor than the old log-book style.


            I always try to build a system that works best for me but at some point the available technology will far surpass my capabilities.

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              Well my approach and need are much more specific and less complicated.  I am designing a db for use in fmgo on my phone.  Reports would not be necessary and would be too complicated.  I have been able to handle everything so far with calculations and fields to give me a single form page that fits on my iPhone screen that shows me all the data I need and I have added functionality to email my readings to my doctor directly from the go db.  I like it very much!