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    Database Conversion problem



      Database Conversion problem


      I have converted a database from File Maker Pro 5.5 to File maker Pro 10. In that database i have created some fields where i put Images. The problem is:


      In some fields i have put only a references to a image file (.WMF)


      Why after conversion file maker can't find the reference to that image file? (the file is in the same folder of database)


      I see that with .bmp files there are no problem!


      Is file Maker 10 not able to use reference to wmf files?


      I hope someone can help me!


      Thank you

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          Alessandro TQW:


          Thank you for your post.


          When a file is stored as a reference, the entire path is stored.  Did the reference change?  That is, did the database location change along with the image file?


          I am not familiar with the Windows Metafile format, and I'm not sure that FileMaker Pro recognizes this format.  You may not be able to store it as a picture.  Instead, try inserting it as a File.  That way, you can double-click it and it will open in its native format.


          If you need to display the format, you may want to consider converting the WMF files to either BMP, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG format. 



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            Thank you for the answer. I Have found a part of the solution of the problem. The problem is that somewhere, I don't know where, the referece recorded is to a folder named "disegni" that i don't have under my root. (I used that folder in File maker Pro 3)  (My operating system is Windows XP Professional).

            In File Maker Pro 5.5 version I don't have that folder but File maker work correctly. I don't know why!

            At the moment I created a new folder named "disegni" and I've moved all the WMF files there. 

            I want to Know if there is a place or a way to correct the reference manually in file maker without use insert images command. In my database I Have 2.000 record with 2 images for each record.


            Thanks for the help.



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              Check this out:


              Fix File Reference

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                   Thank you. I'll try!