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    Database Design - Please HELP!!!



      Database Design - Please HELP!!!


      Hello All,

                  I am woking on an inventory database. I want to have 4 categories on the database. If I make different layouts for the different categories, then it would still mean that each time I create a new record for 1 category, the other categories contain that record as well. I don't want that to happen.


      So, maybe having different layouts for different categories is not the option. Can someone please help me with ideas?

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          You can give each record in your database a category field to identify the category. If you need to design specialized layouts for different categories, do so, but perform finds with these layouts that only find the records of the categories appropriate for that layout.


          Example, You have two inventory categories: Forklifts and Computers.


          Make a category field where you can select either Forklift or Computer from a value list.


          When viewing records on the Forklift layout, perform a find where you enter "forklift" in the category field and perform a find. Now no computer records will be visible on your forklft field.