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Database design advice - for equipment

Question asked by HugoLidia on May 11, 2014
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Database design advice - for equipment


     Could somebody give me some advise on  how I structure the database, if say we are buying in 2 items and these are sent out to clients in pairs - any 1 from product A with any 1 unit from product B.

     I specifically am wishing to understand how I control stock levels.  When an item is dispatched to a client, how would I automatically flag it as dispatched.  Would it be just a case of using a flag to indicate if "S" is in stock and change to "D" for dispatched and then sum the total of all items by this flag.  Guess if "S" ( those in stock and not dispatched) is less than our designated minimum reorder level, if should trigger an e-mail or system warning that more items need to be ordered.

     The difficult part is how would I control this, if we have a main database in the office and a field engineer has stock with him.  Once the items have been installed  and a report signed by the client, the engineer needs to send an e-mail back to Head Office to confirm this.  How can those details de imported and updated into the database.  I do not want to have to host the database on a server - there are only 2 engineers in the field and I admin staff in HEad Office.

     Comments and advice would be appreciated.

     NB This is a database running on Windows 8.1 while the field engineers have iPads.