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    Database design basics - need a good reference.



      Database design basics - need a good reference.


      I'm starting a project that requires a database instead of a spreadsheet, but I know nearly nothing about designing databases.  That is one of the reasons I'm considering FileMaker, actually.  :)


      Can anyone recommend a good website or book on elementary database design with FileMaker Pro 10?  I have this feeling that I know juuuuuust enough to be dangerous when it comes to designing a database, and if this project I'm working on takes off I wouldn't want our (eventual, hypothetical) consultant to shoot herself over my crappy initial design.  It's okay if the consultant sighs heavily, shakes her head, and racks up a few extra billable hours because of silly things I've done, but I don't want to make mistakes that will be immesely costly to fix later.


      I'm more concerned about the structure of the data than layout details.  I need a good reference that outlines best data practices in FileMaker that's aimed at users with ooodles of general computer knowledge but no real background in database development.

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          Not Filemaker Specific, but I picked up a copy of "Case*Method Entity Relationship Modelling" recently.  Older book, but really good for techiniques to model your database, proper relationship techniques, normalization etc etc.  Basically all the architectural framework, questions and analyzing user needs BEFORE you even touch the database application.  Written by a guy who worked for Oracle for many years.


          I also have FileMakerPro9 the Missing Manual, good book, but I was/am in your shoes in that I really need to grab the basics and structure concepts first before I dive into "database mode".  That was my problem, and thanks to some very helpful people here (and now this book!) I hope to get a better handle on data modeling and design.