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Database design check with experienced users

Question asked by disabled_dconnect on Nov 12, 2013
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Database design check with experienced users


     I'm ready to make my database, and I wanted to check with experienced users first that I'm not making any mistakes in the design, or if there's a better way to do it.
     I recruit senior managers. I need a database that has both the company details and the candidate details in one table layout.
     I have 2 Excel sheets that I use at the moment.
     1 Excel sheet is for clients: this sheet has contact details such as the address and phone number of the company. It also has the directors I talk with that hire candidates from me. 
     The 2nd sheet has all my candidates on it. The problem is that quite often the directors I speak with are also my candidates so they are on both Excel sheets and this will create problems when my business grows.
     What I plan to do with Filemaker:
     I will create two tables:
     1) Clients (only company details)
     2) Candidates (only candidate details)
     The companies on the clients table will have an number ID, and this will match the companies' ID on the candidate table, creating the relationship between the two tables in FileMaker.
     I will create a layout in the Clients table that has two portals. Both portals will show fields from the candidates database and candidates that share the company ID of that company record on the Clients table. One portal will filter out junior managers and one will filter for senior managers.
     I think I don't need to make it anymore complicated than (i.e. making with a join table …) to get both these Excel sheets working together.
     Please let me know what you think/suggestions.
     Thanks for reading this!