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DataBase Design for a novice

Question asked by MarkCurtis on Jun 9, 2015
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DataBase Design for a novice


Hi folks, 

I'm trying to setup a database that is essentially a death register.  For the person who has died I need to add to their record any spouses and children.  I could just add a few fields to their record, but I feel this is messy - particularly as some people don't ever marry and may or may not have children.  Indeed, some people don't fit the stereotypical "wife and two kids" model and may have many spouses over their lifetime and/or many children.  


So far, I have been trying to modify a "Contacts" starter template.  Is there a way to include a field that asks (for example) "how many marriages", then populates the form with the appropriate fields (spouse's name, date of marriage and location)?  Would that require a separate marriage table and a link back to my deceased's record? 

Thanks in advance, 


Filemaker Pro 13