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Database design modification

Question asked by ValerieFusco on Aug 25, 2010
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Database design modification


I am trying to add some functionality to an existing database. The company I am working with is adding on to their capabilities, and will be providing additional services both to their own customers as well as to customers from other companies. I am relatively new to database design, although I have worked with Filemaker for several years. Here are the issues:

For new services for the company's customers, I want to be able to use some data (name, address, etc.) from an existing Filemaker table. But, I also need a way to enter that data for clients from other companies. I thought I would build a table with all of the required fields for the new services (Table B), and then have a script in the existing table (Table A) to create a new record and copy the appropriate field contents into Table B. I don't know how to define the key(s) in Table B or the relationship between the tables since Table B will contain some records that have connections to Table A and others that are unrelated.

I would appreciate any guidance that you can give me. Thanks so much!