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    database design question



      database design question


      Hi everyone,

      I have a field name answer that contains value 1 or 0 which means "Yes" and "No" respectively. I have another field named answerCalculated which uses the calculation to convert 1 to Yes and 0 to No. I placed answerCalculated on my layout.

      My question is: should I store the value "Yes" and "No" directly in answer so I don't have to use answerCalculated? Which way make my program run faster especially when I have a lot of records (around 300K)? Thanks

      Liem Cry

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          I don't think it's a big deal either way. In fact, your number field with Yes and No can be formatted in the inspector to display "yes" for 1 and "no" for 0. This can't be exported, but if you just need the values for display purposes, you may not need the additional calculation field in order to see a yes or no here.