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Database Design Questions

Question asked by juror58 on Apr 19, 2014
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Database Design Questions


     I have used Alpha 4 and 5 since about 1990 and dabbled in Access. So I know just enough about databases to be dangerous. I am trying FP 13 and so far am liking what I am seeing. However...


     In A5 you can define a field as a logical T/F field. By that I mean when you define a field, "logical" is a choice along with "text" "numerical" "date" "calculated" etc. Access has a similar option.

     Additionally you can design a form in A5 where that "logical" field is a check box.

     Logical fields were imported into FP as "time" fields.

     The db in question is for a chorale group. I have logical fields for "donor" "member" "receive newsletter" and "attended fund raiser."  When entering data into the form I just click on the check box to enter a "T" value.

     I can't find a similar field definition in FP. Would I have to define a "logical" calculated field for the T/F I want? Can I write one expression and re-use it?  How do I get a checkbox on the form?


     In A5 you can set formatting "field rules" so you can enter text and it will always be converted to all uppercase, initial caps, etc. I can't find a similar ability in FP. Am I missing something? This ability speeds data entry.

     Thanks for any and all help.