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    Database Design Questions



      Database Design Questions


           I have used Alpha 4 and 5 since about 1990 and dabbled in Access. So I know just enough about databases to be dangerous. I am trying FP 13 and so far am liking what I am seeing. However...


           In A5 you can define a field as a logical T/F field. By that I mean when you define a field, "logical" is a choice along with "text" "numerical" "date" "calculated" etc. Access has a similar option.

           Additionally you can design a form in A5 where that "logical" field is a check box.

           Logical fields were imported into FP as "time" fields.

           The db in question is for a chorale group. I have logical fields for "donor" "member" "receive newsletter" and "attended fund raiser."  When entering data into the form I just click on the check box to enter a "T" value.

           I can't find a similar field definition in FP. Would I have to define a "logical" calculated field for the T/F I want? Can I write one expression and re-use it?  How do I get a checkbox on the form?


           In A5 you can set formatting "field rules" so you can enter text and it will always be converted to all uppercase, initial caps, etc. I can't find a similar ability in FP. Am I missing something? This ability speeds data entry.

           Thanks for any and all help.


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               Hi juror58, I don't know much about databases particullary Alpha 5 and I'm just starting to learn FileMaker. From your paragraph above second to the last where you would want the text to be converted to uppercase, proper, etc., FileMaker has a text function for that and these are: Proper, Upper, and Lower. You can use those text functions in a script and set it up as one of your object's (your text field) script trigger like "on object modify" or "on object exit" wink.

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                 [1] For your "logical" field make it of type Number. Define a custom value list of a single value, 1. Format your number field as a check box field and select this value list as the value list to get a single check box in the field. resize the field so that the 1 is hidden and only the check box is visible.

                 [2] if you want text to always be defined to show a specific text style, you can enter layout mode and use either the formatting tool bar or the inspector's appearance tab to specify a text style. But this style setting can be superceded by text formats applied directly to the text in the field or that was pasted into the field along with the text if you copy and paste text into the field from another source.

                 In such cases, you may want to define an auto-entered calculation: TextFormatRemove (self) and clear the "do not replace existing value" check box to ensure that the layout specified formatting will control the appearance of the text in the field.

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                   These are links I found useful for understanding FMP design