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    Database Design Report misses Script Triggers



      Database Design Report misses Script Triggers


      I notice that if you want to see if a script is used in any script triggers, the Database Design Report will not help you at all. Is this an oversight that will be corrected? I would think it would at least let you know which layouts use it when it's used in a script trigger.

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          I agree there should be an improvement here, but I wouldn't say it "won't help you at all". In the layouts section there is a column labeled "script triggers" that should tell you what script triggers exist on a layout.


          What we need, IMO, is a new section in the scripts portion of the report for "Script Triggers that use this script" just as we have "Layouts that use this script" and "Scripts that use this Script".


          WARNING: "Scripts that use this Script" currently omits script names and can mislead you into thinking that a script is no longer used. This has previously been reported by others.


          In the meantime, I've worked out the following to help me identify script trigger scripts:


          Include the event, object and layout in the script name. (ie. OnModify[Fieldname] (Layout name) in the script's name.

          Repeat it as a comment (I expand and add more detail.) in the first line of the script.