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Database design validation

Question asked by HeyJosh on Mar 24, 2010
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Database design validation & looking for examples


Hello all,


Being new to database design, I'd like to make sure that I am headed in the right direction as I set up my companies database.  We manufacture, sell, and distribute light bulbs.  Being a small speciality company, our managers wear many hats and all need access to all of the companies contacts.  So right off we have Customers, Vendors or Suppliers, and Sale Prospects.


Now most of our Customers are single store Retailers who sell our products to the end user. However, there are a handful of customers with multiple store locations.  To deal with these multiple locations customers, I'm wondering if I should have a separate table for Stores?   


In addition all of the Contact managers I have seen treat People and the companies they work for as 1 entity, should people be their own table, related to a company?


I am wondering if there are any examples showing this kind of relationships, people related to companies as well as customers with multiple locations, and how they are handled.


thank you very much.