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    Database field to trigger a script



      Database field to trigger a script


      I want to construct a database for scanned PDF documents that would be kept in a separate folder. How can I set it up so that if I set an ID number for each document and want to see the document it can be made to appear. I would rather not have to put each one into a container in FM since most documents are simply filed but it would not be necessary to see each one.  

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          A table of store by reference container fields could be made to work for this, (Store by reference just stores the file path to the document), but since you don't want to use a container field, you can also use the script step Open URL to open the file or you can use a web viewer to open the PDF in the viewer. Both approaches require that you know both the file name and a valid file path to the file and work much like using a web browser to find and open a PDF file.