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Database for Film Festival

Question asked by SteveBlair on Feb 12, 2013
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Database for Film Festival


     Hello, over the last year we've started using Filemaker to store film information for our festival. As our festival took place 2 weeks ago, I'm feeling like now's a good time to revamp things so that they go a bit smoother this year. I'm a bit stuck on whether to use relational tables, related by separate files, or something else.

     We have three states for each film. First a film is consider a submission. We enter the basic information for the film (title, director, length, etc) for use by our selection committee. Once a film is selected to be in the festival, we add information about the screening venue and date/time, speakers that wil be present, sponsors of the film, and information about the screening format. Finally, after the festival, we archive all of the films, and I'd like to include that in Filemaker so that I can quickly see basic info about the film and which archive box it's in.

     All films will be listed under submissions (typically 150-200), and only when a checkbox for "in festival" is clicked should it then be listed under the festival state. I'd hoped this would be simple using relational tables, but I can't seem to find the solution. The reason I don't want all data in a single table is we often use the search feature and I only want results related to the current state (submission, festival, archive) to come up.