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    database help???



      database help???


      hello all,

      is there a way of keeping say all 2010 records and when a new renewal date is entered it will create a new record and store 2010s database in like an arcive so as we could call up past years for any reference needed. it would save a lot of time going through the paper trail. any ideas



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          I do not know how you are structured but that is how it SHOULD work.  All records should be kept within the same table (eventually if the file gets too large, you might archive off older records from 10 years ago or so) but they should all be kept with a creation date.  Then when you want some of them, you perform a find.

          A new renewal should enter a new record.  How are you set up now?  It sounds like you change the date within the same record. If so then you lose your audit trail/history.

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            Hey LaRatta

            Thanks for the reply, So do i need to create a new membership renewal record every year to have past year still in the database.

            We do change the expiry date (membership yearly) we do change the receipt number. We have a creation date and modification timestamp on each record. We use the record every time as to save on data entry

            Radio Log side, if i were to give a non member a new number it will change all records in the radio log database from the old number to the new number any ideas as to why it is doing this?

            Hope this helps



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              Yes, you should create a new record each year and add the new ExpiryDate to it, including the new ReceiptNumber.  Each record should still hold a creation and modification timestamp as you have it.

              I do not know what 'Radio Log side' represents.  I have no idea how you have this structured so I could not say what is happening.  However, in proper relational fashion, changing a primary key would change all associated data since associated data does not exist anywhere but its own primary table.  The data is instead displayed through the relationship when needed.

              Simply, I can't advise blindly.  If you wish to put together a simple file showing the base relationships and explain what Radio Log is and how you have your relationship with Members, I would be able to make meaningful suggestions.  A less appealing option would be to post a screen shot of the pertinent table occurrence group of your relational graph.  And last suggestion would be to send a private message to someone or myself so we can give our private email address and then send your file for review.  :^)