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    Database Host Security



      Database Host Security


      I am Hosting a multifile database [required at this time].  To Host a file, I have followed the requirements of being first on and all associated Files must be open.  In cold start opening of the files I use my Admin name and password in a "cold start" script per FMP suggestion.

      All other clients must log in and use their Account Name and Password for a restricted privilege set.

      In one file with same Client Account name and Password their privilege set changes [from Data entry only] to limit only records they have created and not view other client data.

      The Problem...

      They log in perfectly, but the File allows access as Admin and my password [guessing from the cold start up]

      How can the Admin log out? or How to reset the access security without closing the file?



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          Why does the admin need to "log out"?

          If each user is logging in under their own password, the privilege set for their account--not the admin account should control their access privileges.

          What sort of "cold start" are you describing here?

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            Cold start is a file that is Auto Run when the Host computer auto starts each morning.  It opens the Main database and each associate file using the Admin security.  The file ends leaving the Host up and running.  This has worked and is per FMP suggested method.

            I recently changed the access privileges in File named "Contacts" to limit Clients to only their created records.

            It seems that the Contacts file remembers it was opened by the Admin, even tho the client logged in with their password.


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              I would guess that you are using FileMaker Pro to host the file over a network instead of fileMaker server.

              Better check permissions on that file. Assuming that your client is using open remote to access the file like they should, the password used to open the host has no effect on what a client has for access privileges. Those are determined by the account/password used by the client to open the file.

              Is there an auto-entered password in file options on this file?

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                Since my server crashed I had to HOST but still accustomed to ServerSmile.... but talking it out helps.

                Guess what I didn't do on my testing?

                Duhh.... i didn't OPEN REMOTEYell.  So my admin pass word on the HOST computer was still enforce.

                Sorry to bother you Phil... but you did HELP!