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Database idea..looking for feedback

Question asked by jd2775 on Oct 29, 2008
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Database idea..looking for feedback


Hi all, 


No specific questions yet, I am just looking for feedback...


New FileMakerPro9 user, just installed it..."The Missing Manual" ordered and on the way...


I have experience with Access, but that is about it...


Ok, I work at a Research Greenhouse (no, not that stuff!), and have been put in charge of putting together a database for insect scouting in the greenhouses.  For example, what pests are attacking what crop, the area of the greenhouse, and severity.  This is going to be used for looking at trends, whether it relates to seasons, crops, sections of the greenhouses, patterns etc etc. 


My "vision" is to have a cool user friendly database, not one with just raw numbers or data entry, but one where the user can see graphs, pictures, can search their own "scouting" history, or the specific greenhouse history, or crop and pest history.  Also I would like to keep an Index, if you will, of pests...scientific name, best course of control, etc etc.


For the most part, employees will do weekly scouting for pests, and then enter that information down greenhouse by greenhouse, with pest, severity, and location.  From that I want to look at that data multiple ways...if that makes sense.


Eventually I would like to design it where you click on "Greenhouse 12" and a picture or drawing of it pops up and you can pinpoint the location where the pest population is found.  Getting ahead of myself here, and not even sure that is possible.. 


Sorry for being long winded....but, can this be done in FileMakerPro9 somewhat easily?  No specific questions yet, just looking for feedback