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Database importing problem

Question asked by Kevin222 on Jun 3, 2010


Database importing problem


Hello everyone! I encountered a little problem when importing records using the Filemaker ODBC SQL query and choosing the 'calculated SQL text' option. I can make a very similiar query using the Query Builder and it works, but then I cannot use any variables defined in my script window.

The query I get from the Query Builder is:

SELECT "my company$Sales Shipment Line"."Description"
FROM "my company$Sales Shipment Line"
WHERE "my company$Sales Shipment Line"."Document No_" = N'10101'

This should be altered so that the last number could be a variable like $document_no. I simply Cannot get this to work properly.

The best solution I came up with is

"SELECT 'my company$Sales Shipment Line.Description'
FROM 'my company$Sales Shipment Line'
WHERE 'my company$Sales Shipment Line.Document No_' ="& $document_no

but it does not work, the syntax is still wrong somehow. Iam using FM10. Also note that I cannot change the database or table names which are a bit peculiar.