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Database intermittently unavailable for Filemaker Sharing

Question asked by JoniLindemer on Nov 23, 2010


Database intermittently unavailable for Filemaker Sharing


I'm not sure if this is a reportable issue, but I'm guessing it's somehow user error. 

I have a 2 Ghz Mac Mini with 2 GB RAM running 10.6.4 and FileMaker Advanced 11, and have configured it to share a file over my wireless network using FileMaker Network Sharing.

The Mac Mini has OS file-sharing and screen-sharing access enabled so that I may screen share with it should I need to make administrative changes within the computer. This computer is not otherwise connected to any monitor, energy saver is instructed to never let it sleep, nor "sleep the display." 

I am able to connect to the database shared only intermittently from a client on the same network. 

What typically happens is that I attempt to connect, and notice that the Mac Mini does not appear in the local host listing for my device. I have FileMaker Server running on a different device using a wired network to which the client iMac (27" 2.93 Ghz i7, 4 GB RAM)  also connects. This database always appears as available. 

There is a third host that was at one point configured for Filemaker Network Sharing, and it also consistently appears in the local hosts list, but does not have any file open, and so there is not a remote database available from it. This host is on the same wireless network as the Mac Mini that is not appearing in the local host list. 

I am able to share the screen of the Mac Mini, as it appears on the local network via the Finder and note that the file is open, and filemaker network sharing is enabled for all users. I close the file and reopen it, and test its availability in the host list, but it still does not appear. It is only when I quit FileMaker Advanced on the Mac Mini and reopen it that the file appears.

I've looked at the console logs for the computer, but I'm not seeing anything that might cause this issue.

Do I simply have too many files on too many hosts?

Someone help, please!