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    Database Locations



      Database Locations


      I am using Filemaker Pro 6, I had a computer that I was using for about 5 years. The program opens just fine and shows all my history back 5 years to date. When I save a copy of the databases and try to open the program on another computer it only shows what I have created at that computer.

      How do I relocate all files and databases to the new computer to display the 5 year old data. It is mainly the Deposits Tab, I can see the members on both machines but the Deposits are not showing on the second computer.

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          FileMaker 6 and older systems often were made up of more than one file as you could only have one table in each file. There's no easy way from FileMaker 6 that you can tell what files exist and where they are located.

          When you open the file on another computer, do you get any messages telling you that a file cannot be found?

          Note that what you describe seems quite unusual. Normally, you'll get a bunch of error messages asking you to find and open missing files if you didn't correctly and completely move all the other files, but see either all the data or none of the data--not just the most recent data.

          You might try re-opening the files and selecting Show All Records (May be named a little bit different in your version) to make sure that the records aren't just hidden from you by not being part of the current found set. (I'm assming the missing records are displayed in a list, table or form view layout here--not in a portal.)

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            It all seems to open correctly, as a matter of fact there is a file on my jump drive called "members" when I double click on it it opens the program and makes me enter the password to enter. It shows all the tabs , when I open this file on the old computer I go to management , deposits and click view batch and it shows all batches back to 2005.

            When I open it this same way and click view batch it only shows 3 I inputed on the new computer, oddly the 3 that show on the new computer don't show when opened on the old computer.


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              I think I know what happened.

              When you use save a copy, you have the option to save either a copy or a clone of your file. If you saved a clone of the file, you get a copy of the file, but with no records in it. If you then opened this copy and inputted some new records, you'd get what you describe here.

              Try saving a new copy of the file, or use your operating system to make a copy of the file and see if you get the same problem with it as you did the first time around.

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                Ok I have been speeking in first person using the words of what I have been told and what I have seen. I am really the person trying to help them recover the files to be able to use on another computer. I also thought it to be strange that he can't close any windows out by clicking the Red X , we have to downsize any box that we open to get it out of the way. Is this normal or does this seem like a corrupted file?

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                  This is not normal behavior. I'd definitely do a recover of the file or, better yet, replace it with a back up copy. Making a copy of the file without closing it or using save a copy as... can easily produce a corrupted copy--so that is one possible explanation.

                  Also, FileMaker 6 is a really old copy of FileMaker to be using. The day is coming when this won't work at all on a new computer.

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                    Thanks I will Try all of these options you gave and report back with solution , thanks you were very prompt.