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DataBase management auto update.

Question asked by Matty_1 on Sep 10, 2013
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DataBase management auto update.


     I'm wondering if there's an automated script or easy way to have all changes done on the management side of a database transferred over from one to another.

     I'm currently working on a separated model database so making changes to the UI and it's script is not problem at all but every time I want to make changes to the file that contains all the data I obviously can't during business hours.  It would be wonderful if I could make a copy of the data file ... add and change my fields as I see fit and then roll out those newly added fields with a script instead of creating print outs of all the new fields I've made and risking forgetting, misplacing a sheet etc etc.

     I realize this is a long shot but thought I would put it out there.

     My other solution was to have a way of marking the new or edited fields by either adding a dash before the names or some sort of character that would place them at the top when sorted alphabetically and copy pasting them into the new database and them renaming the fields.  Of course the edited fields would have to be labeled differently because I wouldn't be copy and pasting them but copying over their changes.

     Again ... doesn't seem as ideal as a wonderful automated script and too much room for error in my opinion.