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Database Optimization

Question asked by KenanKadić on Aug 17, 2013
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Database Optimization


     Hello community!


     I got to thinking about some database optimization issues. Say I have a table that holds records about users and their clock-in and clock-out timestamps. This table will grow by at least couple of hundreds of new records every day.


     On the other side, I have a layout that shows me the number of users currently clocked-in and also, gives me a list of those users. In order to achieve this, a global field with the calculation result of number 1 has been added to the "Users" table. In a Timestamp table, there is also a field wich remains empty when user is clocked-out and has a value of 1 when user is clocked in. With this setup, Filemaker can now compare the two fields and return the list of active users.


     As the "Timestamps" table grows in size, I am expecting to notice bigger and bigger drops in performance. I say this because I assume that the COMPLETE Timestamps table will have to be examined EACH time i request this statistical information.


     Having that in mind, is there a way to tell Filemaker to take into concideration only the records that have been created within the past 24 or 48 hours?


     Many thanks!