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Database Overview / Dashboard

Question asked by daniel.cunnings on Sep 8, 2011


Database Overview / Dashboard


I'm trying to create an overview of my database to show things like unpaid invoices, projects which need attention, purchase orders we're waiting for etc, all on one layout.

I already have separate scripts which search for these things individually based on status, dates and other criteria (when users click a button) and they work well.

I have created a new layout with separate portals for invoices, projects etc so that the information is live and requires no user intervention to be shown. I have then applied portal filtering based on the search criteria of the individual scripts so that the portals only show the records which need attention.

My problem is that, although the scripts execute very quickly, the layout with the portals takes a very long time to load, almost to the point of being unusable on a regular basis. It appears that the portal filtering is the main issue - removing the filtering means the layout loads much quicker. It doesn't matter which of the portals has filtering applied, they all cause the layout to load slowly.

Is there any way to improve the speed that the layout loads or is there a better way to achieve what I'm trying to do?