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    Database pictures



      Database pictures


           Is there anyway to add a "reference file" for a picture? Lets say I pull up a record of a picture (its a photo database) Could I put the filename of the picture in a new field that would reference a the file in a seperate folder on each users computer that would show up in a container field? Also can I embed a word or pdf files in a field just as  "filename.pdf" and the user can click that to open the doc? Any help would be extremely appreciated.


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               Just the filename is insufficient information to find and open a file. You need the file path--a road map to the location where the file is stored that lists the volume and each enclosing folder that encloses it. Even files located on the Desktop are actually enclosed inside several folders.

               If you stored the "reference file" for the picture such that the file path to it on each and every user is known, then there are several ways you could use that info to open that reference file. It could be as simple as inserting that file with the "store a reference" option enabled. That stores the filepath and name of the file in the container field. If the reference file has exactly the same name and location on every computer, double clicking the container field can open the file and a script can use Go to Field [select; YourTable::YourcontainerField ] to open the file if you perfer that option. A web Viewer can be fed this filepath to open file as well.

               There are a number of other possible options as well such as a calculation field with a container result type that computes a filepath to the file named in a container field. This could also be opened with a double click or go to field.

               Any file can be embedded (not inserted with the "store a reference" option) into a container file. Such embedded files can be opened with the export field contents script step or Menu option and there is an option to automatically open the file once it is exported.

               You may find this thread on a new tutorial file that you can download in order to learn more about containers, file paths and path variables helpful: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts