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Database Planning

Question asked by skoz55 on Apr 27, 2009
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Database Planning


I currently use ACT! by Sage for my company database.  I am beginning the planning to transistion everything over to FileMaker and I have two questions regarding it.


1.  Does anybody know if its possible to export/import fields and layouts from ACT! to FileMaker Pro.


The end result will contain 5 major components:




   -Leads not converted to sales

   -Database of products (with description, sku's, pricing, etc.)


2.  I am starting the the product database to get used to FileMaker's interface and am a bit confused as to what would be its own table and if I should plan for multiple files, or to contain all the tables in one file.  My thought is that the 5 major components above will all be their own tables and be located within one file.  This way I can have relationships and share data.


Can anybody shed some light on this?