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Database Problems

Question asked by SimonAdams on Apr 10, 2013
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Database Problems



     I am currently working on a database for a college. I am attempting to create a variety of layouts which should all be linked together through two fields: a learner ID number and their name. This will allow users to input data about their students. At the moment I am having problems in creating these links. As you will see from the images I am uploading, I have a base layout and table named 'learners'. 

     From here the user should be able to click through to another layout, named '1-3 communication...'. You will see that I have included a portal in this layout, which should be showing the ID and Name from the original layout. The problem I am experiencing at the moment is that I cannot access the next layout when I click on the button I have made. I wonder where the problem lies?

     Does anybody have a solution to this problem? Once this is sorted, how would you go about linking the primary field from the original layout to a whole multitude of layouts?