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    Database Quit Unexpectedly



      Database Quit Unexpectedly


      I have a number of peope using a runtime database I have developed, on both Mac and Windows systems.  One user (MAC) has just emailed me with an issue with the runtime.  
      When starting the database they got a warning "Database Quit Unexpectedly.  Click to open the application again. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple".
      When re-opeing the application he got the same error.  After a re-boot of the computer, the database started.  However, records were missing. But re-appeared on next start of the database.
      The user is the only on running the sytem on OS X Lion.
      This issue reminds me of an problem with another software package when Snow Leopard was released.  It this an issue with Lion....??

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           Further to this, now some of the menu items, such as 'Save copy as...' are greyed out and will not work. However, on a restart of the database, they work again. Mitch
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            You might try sending them a new copy of your run time to test. A crash can damage a file and damage to a file can cause a crash, so you'll need to see if damage to the file is an issue here.

            Also, it's not unheard of for a damaged file to appear to function normally until installed on new version of the OS or opened with a newer version of the database. Thus, latent file damage is also a possible factor here--though not the most likely issue here.