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Database read-only

Question asked by FrankGreen on Nov 9, 2010
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Database read-only


Hi all,

there is a weird effect in FMP with different local profiles. We test FMP 11.0v2 running on a Windows Server 2008 SP2. The database files are stored local.

User profile A has local admin rights and full access to the folders.

User profile B has local admin rights and full access to the folders.

Database A has an admin profile with all rights.

Database B has an admin profile with all rights.

User A created database A. Another colleague should check the content per Instant Web Publishing. User A opens database A with the admin log on. The access works. So far, so fine.

Now User B logs on. Opens database A and use the admin profile to open it in FMP. The database is read-only now. The new record button e.g. is greyed out. Checking folder and file rights of the local FP7 file are ok: user B has full admin rights to the database path and file!

User B is logged on as Admin to the database. He can check the user list or access rights, but can't make any changes.

Crosscheck: user B creates database B, creates an Admin profile with full access. Opens IWP. Access works fine. Write access now.

User B logs off, user A logs on, opens database B, uses Admin log on and has read-only access again. Local access rights to folder and file are verified: full access.

Sorry, but this does not make sense at all. How can we gain normal write access when we change the user (and don't use the one who created the database)?

Had someone else such a weird thing? And maybe a solution? Already searched the KB and Forum, but didn't find any hint.