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Database Records to Map (N America plus HI, AK

Question asked by randynoland on Jul 26, 2009
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Database Records to Map (N America plus HI, AK & PR


Firstly, I am a new use to FMP10 and not a programmer or db designer (perhaps I am already in trouble)  But what I want to do is to import my dealer database (about 200 records) and have them represented on a map.  My first and quick need (by Tuesday) would be a simple jpeg or PDF static graphic.  My ultimate goal would be to have this in HTML on our website that is interactive to detailed dealer records by clicking the geographic location.


But first things first, is there a plug in or program or easy way to do this?  I would assume a zip code import of records color coding and placing a pin on the map.


I am desperate and thanks for any help!