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Database Relationship Between fields and individual Databases

Question asked by CerysButcher on May 6, 2015
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Database Relationship Between fields and individual Databases


I'm wanting to create two separate databases that link together a notes field.

In context, the first database will be a way of recording queries with clients in individual instances, which can be sorted and filtered through by fields such as date/name/contact type etc. The second database will be simply a contact database of all the clients we deal with in the company.

My query is that I want to be able to link in all the notes that are made in each individual query (which will be individual records) to one contact sheet with a notes field in which will be automatically linked and populated by text from the query database.

Is this at all possible to be able to link, essentially, multiple records from database A to a single record in Database B in one field?

If so, how do I do this?