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Database relationship graph help

Question asked by InvectusIlumni on Jun 25, 2010
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Database relationship graph help


Hey guys,


I have a very simple solution made of 3 main tables: EMPLOYEES, PUNCHCARD and PAYMENTS.


The PUCHCARD table keeps track of employees worked hours and the PAYMENTS one is responsible for recording payments owed or made to a given an employee based on worked hours.


I have a one->many relationship between the EMPLOYEES table and the PUNCHCARD table

and a one->many relation between the PUNCHCARD table and the PAYMENTS table.


When I assign a punchcard record to an employee ID, I wanna be able to retrieve some of that employee's related data (name, phone, ...) from the EMPLOYEES table and display it in a report sheet that reads from the PUNCHCARD table.


As it stands currently, those related fields do not display anything when the call is made.


I hope I'm making some sense


Thanks a lot