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database relationships

Question asked by FMNewbie on Jun 25, 2010
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database relationships


FM Pro 11; Mac OS Snow Leopard


Forgive me... still pretty new at this databasing stuff, but having a lot of fun at it.   I'm trying to get my head around relating fields in tables.  What I have is a database with several layouts that document "missions".. or jobs if you will.  I would like to also have the ability for the user to fill out an "incident report" from the same user interface as needed. I would like for these incident reports to be catalogued in a database as well. 


The trouble is, not all missions have incidents, and not all incidents are mission related.  When I add the fields from the incident report table to a layout in the mission database it displays them as <unrelated table>.  So, I find myself looking at two tables of unrelatable data and wondering how to link the two together.


Should I be using 2 separate databases and give up on the idea of having one databse with layouts to enter data for both types of data?  Or, should I be trying to display the incident report fields be displayed in a portal (which I don't know much about yet). 


I'm learning by tinkering, but I think I need a little guidance on which direction to tinker.   Help???  :)