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Database Relationships Help Needed

Question asked by ClaudiuNemes on Nov 26, 2012
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Database Relationships Help Needed


     Hi there,

     I need help to start design a database which will use some table relationships.

     Let me briefly explain the database. It will have 2 major sets of data: Students and Mentors. One Mentor will monitor maximum 12 students. So each student will be mentored by one mentor and each mentor will have a maximum of 12 mentored students.

     Now I have to build a disbursement system for Students (4 disbursements/year) and one for Mentors (12 disbursements/year). The entire project is estimated to run 7 years.

     What I do:

     - I create a table for students called "Students" that contain personal data, evaluations etc.;

     - a table "S_Disbursements" (contain the following fields 'Year', 'D_1', 'D_2', 'D_3', 'D_4' and 'Total' - sum of D_1:D_4);

     - a table "S_DisbursementYears" (with a field called "Years" that have 7 records 2011 to 2017);

     - a table "S_DisbursementPerYear" (contain the following fields 'Year', 'D_1', 'D_2', 'D_3', 'D_4' and 'Total' - sum of D_1:D_4);

     I'll do the same for mentors but with a 12 disbursements/year system.

     What I want is that when I set the number of years in "S_DisbursementYears" to let's say 7 records (2011 to 2017) to have in "S_Disbursements" 7 records according to each year:

     2011 D_1 D_2 D_3 D_4 Total


     2017 D_1 D_2 D_3 D_4 Total

     I have tried in many way's to made this relationship work but obviouslly I don't succeed. Any help will be appreciated. I'll attach a relationship screen as well.

     Many thanks for your time,


     Claudiu Nemes.