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Database Reporting

Question asked by brian.curran on Sep 25, 2012
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Database Reporting


     I'm starting to generate a few sample reports for our FM Pro 12 database and wondered what is the best practice for displaying them. I had a look at the Starter solutions but couldn't find anything useful in there.

     I thought about using a Layout called 'Reports' which would have a drop down box listing some headings which would then conditionally display further items in another drop down list. Once the user navigates to the relevant report, it is displayed on screen for printing/exporting etc.

     Another method might be to have a scrolling list (portal?) with reports grouped under certain headings, not sure how to go about this at all, as it's been a while since I dabbled with FM due to my Elance developer letting me down 2-3 months ago.

     Any suggestions would be appreciated...