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    Database set up to calculate student attendance, by minutes, by week



      Database set up to calculate student attendance, by minutes, by week


      Running Filemaker Pro 9. Snow Leopard. 

      Have used Filemaker Pro for 5 years. Many relational databases. Simple Calculations.


      Now I have put together a database for a teacher to track the minutes she sees each student, certain periods, each week. As listed in subject, I have the following fields:


      Student ID, Last, First, Grade, Monday (which represents number of minutes in attendance that day), Mon A (which represents number of minutes absent that day) and it goes through Friday, then the Period, Total Minutes (sums up Monday - Friday attending minutes), total Absent (sums up Monday - Friday absent minutes), Week Days (Sept 24-28, which is the first week of school), Week, Term and Grand Total Minutes.


      I have the total minutes and total absent minutes totaling correctly. What I want to do is have it total the minutes of the first student for week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and so on through week 38. I want it to start over for the next student and only tally that student's week.


      Here is what I have in the Grand Total Minutes Calculation, but it only repeats what my Total Minutes are. How can I get it to take the Total minutes of Week 1 and add the total minutes of week 2 in the week 2 field across from the student?


      If (student.stateID="Week 1"; (Monday+Tuesday+Wednesday+Thursday+Friday) ; (Total Minutes)) 


      I have tried various other ones, trying to get it to add week 2, but that just takes and adds week 1 twice. The math calculation escapes me here! I would want it to incorporate every week, beginning in week 1 through week 38. If a student were to attend 51 minutes a day for the entire year and never miss they would have 8772 minutes showing in their week 38. 


      This file will also tie into a Gradebook page that I've set up as a template, for the parent. So, the file has relational data, too, but I'm stuck on the Calculation.


      Hope I have explained it enough. If you need more information, I can send a picture of the fields or database.


      We are getting close to parent-teacher conferences and I'm hoping to have this done.  


      Thanks for any information you can give me.


      Nancy S.