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Database set up to calculate student attendance, by minutes, by week

Question asked by Nanc312 on Oct 3, 2009
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Database set up to calculate student attendance, by minutes, by week


Running Filemaker Pro 9. Snow Leopard. 

Have used Filemaker Pro for 5 years. Many relational databases. Simple Calculations.


Now I have put together a database for a teacher to track the minutes she sees each student, certain periods, each week. As listed in subject, I have the following fields:


Student ID, Last, First, Grade, Monday (which represents number of minutes in attendance that day), Mon A (which represents number of minutes absent that day) and it goes through Friday, then the Period, Total Minutes (sums up Monday - Friday attending minutes), total Absent (sums up Monday - Friday absent minutes), Week Days (Sept 24-28, which is the first week of school), Week, Term and Grand Total Minutes.


I have the total minutes and total absent minutes totaling correctly. What I want to do is have it total the minutes of the first student for week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and so on through week 38. I want it to start over for the next student and only tally that student's week.


Here is what I have in the Grand Total Minutes Calculation, but it only repeats what my Total Minutes are. How can I get it to take the Total minutes of Week 1 and add the total minutes of week 2 in the week 2 field across from the student?


If (student.stateID="Week 1"; (Monday+Tuesday+Wednesday+Thursday+Friday) ; (Total Minutes)) 


I have tried various other ones, trying to get it to add week 2, but that just takes and adds week 1 twice. The math calculation escapes me here! I would want it to incorporate every week, beginning in week 1 through week 38. If a student were to attend 51 minutes a day for the entire year and never miss they would have 8772 minutes showing in their week 38. 


This file will also tie into a Gradebook page that I've set up as a template, for the parent. So, the file has relational data, too, but I'm stuck on the Calculation.


Hope I have explained it enough. If you need more information, I can send a picture of the fields or database.


We are getting close to parent-teacher conferences and I'm hoping to have this done.  


Thanks for any information you can give me.


Nancy S.