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Database setup

Question asked by MikeProcopio on Jan 9, 2013
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Database setup


     Starting a new database to run basketball camps. The main table will be the player table to put the information in on the campers that will be attending camps. 

     The Next table will be high schools. Since I'll be dealing witht he same high schools all of the time I want to enter the information like address, coach, coach phone number etc.

     There are different events that I run SHowcases, camps, and tournaments each will have their own table and a participation table in between the player table and event table.

     For  the showcases and camps I use basically the same staff so I will have a staff table to connect to showcases and camps.  Each Player plays on a club team on top of their high school so I will have a club table. I want the club table to connect to the player table and tournament table so I can connect club teams to the tournaments that I run that is a tricky one for me. 

     So here is what I think my table will look like



     Player  <_pkPlayerID-----------_fkPlayerID> High School


                  <_pkPlayerID-----------_fkPlayer ID>Club


                  <_pkPlayerID-----------_fkPlayerID>Camp Part<_fkCampID---Camp----_pkCampID>


                 <_pkPlayerID-----------_fkPlayerID>Showcase Part<_fkShowID ----Show-----_pkShowID>


                 <_pkPlayerID-----------_fkPlayerID>Tourn. Part<fk TournID---Tourn----_pkTournID>


     Ok so I want to have Club that is connected to the player to connect to Tournament. Also I assume that I can have a staff table with a staff participation connectied to Showcase and Camp but dont know how to connect one table to two different tables in some situations it wants me to create a seperate occurance. Any suggestions?