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Database setup (help with visualizing it)

Question asked by cheathamtech on Jan 4, 2010
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Database setup (help with visualizing it)


I'm setting up an inventory of a school system's tech holdings....  There will be many rooms in each of twelve different schools.  Each room will contain different types of equipment like computers, projectors, DVD players, smart boards, etc.


Here's how I've got the tables set up so far, but it seems like there should be an easier way:


A table for each school:  Name, Code

A table for each room in the school:  Room #, Teacher Name, School Code

A table for list of  equipment:  Code, Description


Then a table for each different type of equipment because each different piece will have different things about it that will need to be tracked:  For example a computer table would include RAM/hard drive/OS/  while the projector table would include manufacturer/bulb type, etc.  and TV would include screen size, etc.


This will make data entry rather difficult because every time he/she enters a new piece of equipment he/she will have to change layouts..


The end goal is to have a printout of all the equipment by school/ then by room/ which I think can be done with a portal, but there must be an easier way...  no?


Thanks for any insight....