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Database setup questions

Question asked by ErnstRietzschel on Nov 1, 2010
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Database setup questions


I would like to have the forums help in order to achieve a good set up my database.

As you will gather from my explanations and questions, I’m certainly not an IT specialist, so your help is greatly appreciated.

Our setting is a research project within the University. As all of you know that means we’re short on funding, so prohibitively expensive solutions are out of the question (although I understand the importance of a good database, so I certainly have some funds allocated to that).

Our study started several years ago, using access on PC. Because of the instability of access, the data was stored on MySQL, with access as a front end.

In the last years we have switched to Mac, and we planned to replicate our initial setup, again storing the date on MySQL, but with FileMaker Pro as a front now.,

Basically our current setup is a small work group of 3-5 Macs, connected by an airport, but could be connected by cables if that would be desirable. MySQL is running on one Mac, with FileMaker Pro on all Macs fetching the data on that single MySQL server.

 Since I would prefer not to connect to the database via the Internet, we currently cannot work on the database when we’re in a physically different location.  If possible this would be an option would like to implement.

 So these are the questions: 

1)   It is indeed a good set up?

2)    In MySQL there is the option to replicate as a slave database. If I understand correctly this would allow me to work off-line. Would this be a good option or is this fraught with dangers? Is there a possibility to do this replication in FileMaker?

3)    Do I actually still needs MySQL as a back end? Or would it be faster to migrate the data to FileMaker?  Is there some possibility to work with the data in FileMaker (so that all Macs fetch their data within FileMaker), but have some kind of mirror in MySQL as a backup only?