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    Database size



      Database size


       I have a collection of 10 databases interlinked which I have deleted all records and want to modify for use with a new venture however the database file size has not reduced despite not containing any records. Any ideas on how to resolve without having to rebuild from scratch?

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          Try using these two options in succession:

          Use save a copy with the clone option and then check your file size. This option will guarantee that all tables in the new file are empty.

          Open this clone of your original file and save again with the "compacted copy" option to get the smallest possible copies of your files.

          Keep your original files. Cloned files sometimes exhibit trouble due to the complete absence of any records in any tables in the file. (Global fields may need data to display graphics, scripts that always work when there is at least one record in a table may fail when there are none...) You may need to selectively import data from the original file before it is fully functional.

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            Yes, File menu >  save as copy as… > save as clone file (it automatically strips teh data just keep the structure, you could have saved you the record deletion)

            next time, if you want to keep the data, but regain the empty space > save as compacted copy

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               Fantastic thanks!