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    Database slow to open



      Database slow to open


      I am using Filemaker 11 Advanced and one of my databases takes about a minute to open - unlike all of the others which open within a few seconds.  All of the databases are on a Filemaker 11 Server.  The database has about 3,000 records and about 65 fields (many are indexed).  I am not running a script when the database opens, it doesn't matter if this is the first database I open or the last, and it doesn't matter if I use a Mac or a PC as it happens on both and for all users.  Once it has opened and I close it but keep Filemaker open, it opens quickly.  But if I close Filemaker and try to open this particular database again, it has the same slow issue.

      This database (like all of the others) was converted from FMP 6 and it opens just fine in that version.  I did change the layout from the previous version (like I did with all of the other databases) so can't imagine that would have affected the speed with which it opens.  That is about all I changed.  What would be a cause of a database opening slow?  I am not sure if you need additional information from me, but I would be happy to provide it.

      Thanks so much.

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          Here's the clue that catches my eye:

          "This database (like all of the others) was converted from FMP 6..."

          Open Manage | External data sources for this file and examine the external file source references. Brace yourself, files from that era and older often made a very messy "hash" of their external file references. Look for two possible sources of trouble in these references.

          Asterisks. Using asterisks to link to a hosted file is still a valid syntax, but the files so linked open very, very slowly.

          Invalid IP addresses. If a file attempts to access an external data source on a hosted file via an IP address that does not exist or at which the file is no longer located, it can take FileMaker a very long time to determine that and move on to the next file reference in the data source.

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            That was it!  Thank you so-o-o much.  The external data sources were pointing to a Mac hard drive (bizarre) and other files that are no longer even in use.  Once I deleted them it opened perfectly.  Thanks again!