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Database Slowing Down with Pictures (which will work better?)

Question asked by awhurley11 on Sep 2, 2009
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Database Slowing Down with Pictures (which will work better?)


Hi again,


So we recently upgraded to FileMaker Pro 10 which solved a previous issue I had in terms of getting images into our directory. However, now when we start to add photos, Filemaker is seriously chugging along. I know there are two options, one which adds the photo directly into the Database file, and another which only references it. Right now some are actually added and some are references due to my inability to be decisive about this.


In terms of speed of the program, which would yield a faster response time? Actually adding the images in and having a larged sized Filemaker file, or making them all references to the images? Remember, speed is the concern here, and not necessarily the size of the file.