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Database structure

Question asked by AlexHammerstein on Nov 30, 2013
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Database structure


     Hi - very new to FM, using version 10.   

     Can I ask for advice regarding structure of the database.   I am trying to create a database which will records family membership.  My initial thoughts were to set up a field <Title> in which I would enter e.g. Mr and Mrs;  <Forenames> in which I would enter e.g. Jack and Jill; and <Surname>.    This would allow me to then undertake mail merges where I can use either <Title> and <Surname> or <Forenames> in the salutation.

     I then realised that this would not work where we have a situation where the couples/partners have different surnames.  I need to know the best way top handle this.  I was thinking that I could set up a primary table to hold the majority of records, with a related table to hold the details where the situation described above occurs.    Would this work, and still allow me to undertake a mailmerge which I would then be able to use both surnames or both forenames in the salutation?

     Also, I was going to have a second related table to simply hold the forenames on any children.

     Many thanks for any help and advice