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Database system with flexible fields

Question asked by AliNayeri on Jun 4, 2011
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Database system with flexible fields


Hi all,

I'm looking for a database application on Windows  (should work on XP and 7) that I could setup easily to track things such  as receipts, warranty information, contacts, etc..

What I want is something that works similar to the contacts app on  the iPhone. If you've entered phone numbers and contact information on  the iPhone, you know that you can customize the fields and values for  each contact without really adhering to a preset list of fields. For  example, for one contact you can add a field called "Address" and enter  the contacts address while for another you can add a field called  "Address (Ireland)" and enter the contacts address in Ireland. You are  also not limited in the number of fields you can add for each  record/contact.

If you've ever used traditional DB programs like Access, you know  that you have to create some tables with set number of fields, each of  which are designed for a particular data. In this system, you have to  think ahead and anticipate every piece of information that the record  should contain. I want to move away from this model towards something  that is more flexible.

So, I'm wondering if FileMaker can be used to accomplish this or if anyone knows any programs or platforms that  would provide this. I was thinking of creating something myself with  Flex or Adobe Air (which has SQLite embedded) but I would rather not  reinvent the wheel if possible. It would be a bonus if I could sync it  with my laptop/phone and have some of the databases available on the go.

Hope this makes sense. If you need more information, let me know and I'll try and clarify.