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    Database Table Relationship



      Database Table Relationship


      Hi All,

      In my program there are lots of relationship in the database, that relationship are used in multiple places but i have tried a lot to understand relationship but no success.

      Please provide us the details about the table relationship.

      1. how to create relationship

      2. how to use existing relationship in script or how to modify existing relationship.

      Please help, i need this in urgent basis....please help

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          I think you need to narrow down your questions. Fully answering your post would require posting a major section of a how to manual on FileMaker.

          A simple outline for how to create a relationship:

          1. Define two tables in Manage | Database | Tables
          2. Click the Fields tab and define the key fields in each table that you want for your relationship.
          3. Click the relationship tabl and drag from the key field in one table to the key field in another. You can link more than one pair of fields and you can double click the relationship line to bring up a dialog for more options for the relationship.
          4. Each "box" in the relationships tab are called table occurrences. You can create more than one "occurrence" of a given table in order to create more relationships.

          With regards to question 2. You cannot use a script in FileMaker to modify an existing relationship. The only way you can modify a relationship is by hand in Manage | Database | Relationships.

          How you "use" a relationship in a script is too complex to answer here as there are many, many ways different script steps "use" relationships.

          You may find this tutorial on table occurrences useful:  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?


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            Thanks for the reply :)