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Database to hold multiple surveys

Question asked by AshleyRoti on Feb 7, 2014
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Database to hold multiple surveys


     Hi everyone,

     I am new to Filemaker and have run into a snag on my current project. I'm working on a database to hold multiple (34) surveys. The database is just an electronic version of the paper surveys, so I don't need to worry about respondents and their answers or things like that.


     My problem is that some of the questions are multiple part questions and I can't get the multiple question parts and their respective answer options to all display on the same layout. Here is an example of one of the questions with its parts and answer options:

     1. For each of the following, please mark whether or not you plan to talk to your health care provider about it as a way to manage your knee pain.

     Over-the-counter pain medicine                      [ ] Yes  [ ] No  [ ] Already doing

     Prescription pain medicine                              [ ] Yes  [ ] No  [ ] Already doing

     Physical therapy                                                  [ ] Yes  [ ] No  [ ] Already doing

     A walking aid, like a cane or brace                  [ ] Yes  [ ] No  [ ] Already doing

     Knee surgery                                                       [ ] Yes  [ ] No


     I've tried re-working this database so many different ways! It's a mess right now, but the tables I have currently are:

     Surveys [fields: __pk_survey_id, survey_name, survey_kind]

     Sections [fields: __pk_section_id, section_name, _fk_survey_id]

     Questions [fields: question_id, question_name, question_kind, question_text, _fk_section_id, _fk_answeroption_id, grid_id]

     AnswerOptions [fields: __pk_answeroption_id, answeroption_name, answeroption_text]

     Grid Questions [fields: grid_id, gquestion1_name, gquestion1_text, gquestion1_ansopt, gquestion2_name, gquestion2_text, gquestion2_ansopt ...] FYI, "ansopt" is short for answer option and each "ansopt" field is a fk for the __pk_answeroption_id field.


     I originally had the grid questions in the Questions table with the normal ones- is it best to have it separate or should I move that information back? 

     As a side note, this database, once complete, will not need to be added to.. Not sure if that would alter which method would be the best way to get this done.


     Any ideas on this? I cannot seem to find a solution!

     Thank you!!!!