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    Database Updating Question



      Database Updating Question


           I have Filemaker Server in office and we have 10 vessels on the water.  I have an employee datebase for training, safety and other things.  What would be the options or best way to keep everything in sync.  Probably would not be able to use Go Sync.

           Very limited computer skills in the field.

           Does anyone have any opinions on what I can do.  I thought about import, export , but that could be cumbersome.

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               Networking used? Satellite? Speed?

               OS?  Mac or Win.   OS Ver?    FMP Server version?

               FMP Client on boats or IWP or FM Go?

               Size of database?  Pictures? Video?

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                 The vessels have air cards , all is windows based FileMaker 11, I will be putting FMP 11 on vessels.

                 the size of database will be small as just text, on the vessels, will probably have PDFs linked in the office.

                 ii have about 8 tables, is it possible to setup recurring imports , so I could export from office and send to vessel to import,  any better ideas?