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    Database views - FP12 database design question



      Database views - FP12 database design question


           Sorry for the noob question but I'm starting out with FP12 for a given project and I'm struggling with a design issue.

           As it stands, I'd like a single table to contain fairly related information, and then create a view (such as found in Oracle, DB2, SQL server) to display only certain values.

           For instance I want to have a karate master table that contains techniques for weapons, such as clubs, knives, and guns.  I'd like to create a view that only shows the club techniques.  So when I use my iPad, I can just show the club techniques, or gun techniques, etc.  

           Right now I have about 6 different tables housing various technique types which isn't bad but I'd like to see if I can do this better.  Any suggestions?  I come from a Oracle, DB2, SQL Server background and I think my knowledge set with materialized views and queries is hindering the design as FileMaker is a different animal

           Thanks in advance


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               You will have to wrap your head around the way filemaker works. It's indeed a slightly different way of thinking.

               If you want you can look at some screencasts on my youtube channel.

               Starting with this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v2EzvaWyBk

               They might give you a good idea.

               I don't know anything about your database. But I'm thinking you need a view that shows you all techniques and a script that performs a find to show only certain techniques. For instance only weapons techniques.

               This script can be triggered by a button.

               You could also put several buttons in your header to show you other techniques.Each button will perform a find and show you a different found set of records.