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    database within a database



      database within a database


      I have a large database that is updated seasonally (spring, summer, fall, winter) I would like to isolate these seasons in my database about 95% of the time, but there are times when i want to compile data from the entire database.

      How would i set up a view (or button?) that would only let me work with a specific seasonal data set without having to do a search each time for that season? There is a field in each record that designates what season the record pertains to.



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          There are several options here and performing a search is a perfectly valid way to do this. The search can be scripted so that all the user does is click a button and/or select a value from a drop down.

          You can also use a portal to display just that data from a given season.

          You can also use Go To Related Records as a way to pull up all records from a given season. This is a way to use a relationship to get the same reults as performing a find for all records of a given season.

          I wouldn't use separate tables for each season as you lose a great deal of flexibility and run the risk of having an import records operation trash the imported data should you not get the import set up right or even due to modifying the design of one or more of the tables.

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            THanks for your reply. 

            Can a portal displays related information as records in a layout view vs. data in rows? 

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              what do you mean by "layout view"?

              You can certainly reduce the number of rows displayed (all the way down to just one row if you want) and then increase the height of the row so that you can devise a portal where it resembles more of a form view type look instead of the default "table like" view. You can still have a scroll bar to scroll through the records or there are ways to set up buttons you can click to advance through the portal records one record at a time.

              If you want to see one record at a time, it might be better to set up a form view layout for this and use a script to either perform a find or perform a Go To Related records to pull up a found set of just those records for a given season.