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database won't show

Question asked by RossJett on Sep 8, 2010


database won't show


Last week I installed Filemaker Server at my office. Before this, my employees had been using Filemaker and accessing files served up by a server in another one of our office locations.

After I installed the Filemaker Server at our office, a few of my employees' license keys for their Filemaker changed from specific license keys to "volume licensed." One machine that this happened to ended up not being able to access anything remote. When we tried, we got an error message explaining that her Filemaker's license key was being used by other machine: FMServerXYZ, our server computer.

I thought this was odd, so I uninstalled Filemaker on this employee's machine and reinstalled it, using the old license key to activate it. Now, instead of getting the error message when trying to access remote files, I can't see anything at all. No databases show up at all when I click on the IP address of a server.

What can I do to remedy this?