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Database wont open Insertet Files

Question asked by ChristofferRexen on Jun 27, 2013


Database wont open Insertet Files


     Hello everyone

     I'm working on my Macbook Pro Retina / OS X 10.8.4 together with my database.

     Got the latest Office 11

     When I'm working in a file, let's say, and older .XLS Excel file, the Excel sheet i opening properly.

     Although, as it is an .XLS-format, Excel tells me to re-save the document, but now in correct format, like .XLSX 

     Now, I updated the existing file, re-saved the file to a new format and finally want to Insert the File in the desired empty field.

     Now the real problem is, I can't open the new .XLSX document, which I have just saved.

     - It's like, Excel activates/opens, but nohting more happens.. It's not showing up, like before when it was in .XLS format.

     This is for every document I try to save and then re-insert in the desired empty field.


     Is anyone having similar problems or having a solution for this?

     Best regards